Welcome to Phil Presents!

Hello and welcome. My name’s Phil and this blog is all about presenting, or rather, communicating. I chose the name Phil Presents because it:

  1. explains what I do for a living – I am a presenter
  2. suggests that I am going to present you, the reader, with something hopefully worthwhile.

Clever? Perhaps, but in fact it exemplifies a common mistake which people make when they stand up to make a presentation: they try to be clever, and end up being complex and poorly understood.

This blog is all about the art of communicating. Communicating, unlike presenting, approaches the activity from the point of view of the recipient, the listener if you prefer (although when you are presenting to 200 people, how many are really listening?). Communicating is all about passing a message, and ensuring it arrives intact and doesn’t get forgotten, and many presenters would do well to remember that.

Fed up of Death By Powerpoint? Seen so many bullets you’d like to use a real one? Tired of sitting through boring lectures given by people who have no idea how to communicate? Or perhaps you want to be one of the few presenters people really like and remember? Then you’re in the right place.

What should you do next? Here are five suggestions:

  1. Bookmark this page and come back regularly.
  2. Participate with questions and comments, and your stories of presentations – “the good, the bad and the ugly”…
  3. Follow me on Twitter (@philpresents) – see link on the right.
  4. Tell your friends and colleagues.
  5. Send a link to anyone who gives you a particularly bad presentation!

Together we can make this blog useful, and in our own small way help to reduce the suffering of the millions of poor presentation victims. Thanks for reading, and welcome.


One Response to Welcome to Phil Presents!

  1. Ian Ames-White says:

    Hi Phil,

    Love the website – nice combo of humour and clarity – and you’re certainly not short of people who need your help (most of the work in a certain company we know and love!).

    Very best wishes for the future – a guranteed success I would say.



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