Preparing for zen & the art of the pitch

The blogging activity is a little less than usual at the moment, although it’s been slow the past weeks for a few reasons (such as my final thesis defence and subsequent Executive MBA graduation at HEC Paris). This week’s excuse is that I am busy preparing what should be a fantastic event later this week in Paris, ‘zen & the art of the pitch’, which I announced here last week.

It is a thrilling yet somewhat daunting prospect to be sharing the stage with one of the world’s greatest presenters as I will on Friday with Garr Reynolds. What will he think of my slides? What will he make of my stories? But then I am quite used to this, partly because I’ve always been extremely comfortable on stage (perhaps as close as possible to a ‘natural showman’), and partly because I regularly share the stage with Pierre Morsa, my business partner, who is a damn good presenter himself, and we help each other to improve each time we perform. Frankly if Garr does offer any observations on how to improve my stage presence, I’ll be honoured.

So while I will be paying attention to my slides, and preparing very carefully, I am not nervous at all. I am simply working hard to ensure it will be a memorable event for everyone, especially the many people who have paid to see the show. I have no doubt that Garr’s piece, “The art of presenting naked”, will be fantastic, and this week will largely be dedicated to ensuring that the rest of the show is just as great.

Some tickets are still available so if you can be in Paris on June 25th, don’t miss it:

I also have some other work to do. Later today, I’ll be talking about visual presentation skills with a group from a major energy company, and on Wednesday Pierre and I will be helping the young entrepreneurs at the HEC Incubator with their pitches. Plus I have no less than four training courses to prepare for the next fortnight, so things are getting busy for Ideas on Stage.

I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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