Video: Introduction to Presentation Skills

Nobody knows the value of a great presentation better than an entrepreneur. Convincing investors and prospective customers to part with their cash and take a punt on something new and unknown takes great powers of persuasion. How many great ideas never came to market because their purveyors failed their pitch?

I’m therefore particularly pleased that Le Camping, the new Paris-based start-up accelerator, has placed such importance on the quality of the pitch, and even more pleased that they have asked Ideas on Stage (Pierre Morsa and myself) to coach the twelve teams.

Below you’ll find the first talk I gave them about the art of presenting. This doesn’t focus on the investor pitch in particular – that will come later – but it was aimed to give them a sense of dissatisfaction with the ‘received wisdom’ of how to present, and a thirst for more theory and practice so they can hone their pitches ready for ‘Investor Day’ and for their first customers. For anyone else, it’s a free 90-minute introduction to presentation skills, similar to the courses I give to executives at HEC Paris.

A little context, to save you from being perplexed:

  • Before I began, each of the start-ups gave a 1-minute pitch of their company, and I refer back to these at some points.
  • The team at Le Camping have edited it together quickly, and while the sound quality is very good, the video quality (from a fixed camera) is not the best, although that hardly matters since they’ve chosen to make the slides much larger than me in the ‘montage’. Perhaps my slides were considered more attractive than my face!
  • The slides are mostly in sync with one or two small hiccups. But considering this was being recorded for internal use and not by a professional team, I think they’ve done a fine job. And it’s shared for free so that’s excellent value for money!

That’s all – so if you have 90 minutes to learn about better presentations, sit back and enjoy. And if you’d like a similar talk at your company, school or organisation, or a full training course – in English or French – our contact details are at

3 Responses to Video: Introduction to Presentation Skills

  1. Adrien says:

    Very good presentation! Thanks for making it public!

  2. […] Video: Introduction to Presentation Skills ( […]

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