An Amazingly Easy Way To Pull Media Out Of PowerPoint And Keynote

It’s now two years since Ideas on Stage was born, and in that time I’ve learned a remarkable amount about presenting and communicating, much of it from my amazing business partner Pierre Morsa.

Although I don’t usually talk much about applications, here is a small but potentially useful tip which Pierre just shared on his extremely popular (French) blog, and which I felt deserved to be shared with an English-speaking audience.

Here it is: PowerPoint and Keynote files (.PPTX and .KEY) are essentially just ZIP archives with a different file extension.

So if you want to find an easy way to pull photos, videos and sounds out of a PowerPoint or Keynote file, follow this simple tip:

  1. Make a copy of your original file (this way, you don’t risk harming your original).
  2. On your copy, replace the .PPTX or .KEY extension with .ZIP instead (do this in Windows Explorer or Finder – on a Mac you may need to open the Get Info window and then change the extension in there).
  3. Then you can open the ZIP archive and you will find all the images, movies etc. which were embedded in the slide deck.

As Pierre stated, it’s a very simple tip, but it could be a real time-saver – and it’s certainly a little trick that might impress your colleagues…

3 Responses to An Amazingly Easy Way To Pull Media Out Of PowerPoint And Keynote

  1. Wow. Cool trick. I am bookmarking this for the life in which I make a living (as opposed to my cooking blog).

  2. Denise Simon says:

    You have made my day. THANK YOU! BTW, works for Word documents too. Much better image quality than saving the Word doc as an html file, which was my previous trick!

  3. Pauline Denning says:

    I am so grateful for this tip!! Many thanks! I had lost a video file from a PowerPoint presentation and was grieving its loss. But YOU helped me bring it back to “life”. Thank you!!!

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