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Ideas on Stage is a leading specialist in fantastic presentations, aiming to make presentation rhyme with communication, inspiration and motivation, and rid the world of boring talks and Death by PowerPoint.

Founded in 2010 by Pierre Morsa and Phil Waknell, Ideas on Stage has grown to be the leading worldwide presentation specialist, offering presentation design, training courses and coaching to presenters around the world in six major languages.

Our specialists teach communication skills at several leading universities and business schools; our clients include top international corporations like Microsoft, EDF and Orange as well as major institutions like the World Bank; and we are the official training providers for Presentation Zen, the leading book on presentations by our sensei Garr Reynolds.

We’ve helped hundreds of TED and TEDx speakers to create and deliver the talk of their lives; and we’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to prepare brilliant pitches that have helped many of them to raise millions and create the next generation of companies.

Perhaps we can help you to become a better presenter, or turn your ideas into a memorable presentation? Wherever you are, we’d love to hear from you.

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